CATable 2.0 Is the Perfect Storage System for Your Cats

©. LYCS Architecture

In 2014 Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture presented his design for the CATable 1.0 which was a hit in Milan and on TreeHugger, where we described it as a Multifunction and multi-user desk shared by people and cats.. It was such a hit that he returned this year with CATable 2.0.

full unit photo

© LYCS Architecture

It's a modular wall system of cubes that can serve a number of functions, such as room divider, stools or as part of a shelving system, and is also the perfect place to store your cats.

setup in milan

© LYCS Architecture

It's an interesting follow-up to the desk, although I don't think as useful, except perhaps as a distraction for the cat so that one can get more done without someone poking their head up when you are trying to work.

detail with cats

© LYCS Architecture

As noted last year, Catitecture is becoming a respected design trend; Caturniture may yet catch on too. See more at thearchitect's website; more images on Doornob.