4 Cat-Tacular Stairs and Ladders

Cats love jumping on practically everything. So, why not give them a little help?. Zach Musgrave/YouTube

Cats love to climb — trees, shelves, furniture, their human companions. And for cats, the higher the better.

"Cats love height and height gives them a sense of security and gives them the ability to survey a lot of space from one vantage point," Atlanta-based certified cat behavior consultant Ingrid Johnson, CCBC, told MNN in 2017.

One way for cats to get some that beloved height is a good set of stairs.

Stairs are great places for cats to run up and down, perch and take in the landscape, nap and even eat, according to Catster. But sometimes stairs that are just for cats are even better than stairs that serve multiple species.

For cats that live inside on higher floors but are also allowed outside, cat stairs and ladders can provide them an easy way to get out of the house and into the wilds of the neighborhood while giving them a high, safe place to look out from.

Below, you'll find examples of cat stairs and ladders attached to homes and buildings. Some are planks, some are spirals and some are just neat indoor stairs, but all of them are great ways for cats to enjoy the best of both worlds from a height they love. (And yes, we know the question about cats going outdoors is a controversial one, but that's not the focus of this article.)

According to the person who shot this video, Duke runs up and down these stairs whenever he's not being filmed. The camera must make him nervous.

This video shows the first of many German cat stairways, or "katzentreppe." (The Germans, for some reason, are really into cat ladders.)

Apparently the cats in this neighborhood also get private stairway access to the penthouse.

Jack makes his way down the those stairs and then, like, many a kid, just skips the last few steps to parkour his way down to the ground.

OK, so, sometimes a dog needs the help of some stairs, too.