CAT Surgeries Offer Impartial Advice on Alternative Energy

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Europe's Leading Eco-Center Offers Clean Energy Surgeries
Here’s an exciting opportunity for any UK-based folks who are planning a renewable energy project of any kind. The Center for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales is launching a series of Renewable Energy Consultancy Surgery Days to allow renovators, home builders and anyone interested in harnessing the sun, the wind, biomass, ground source heat pumps, small scale hydro or a combination of the above to leverage CAT’s expertise, accumulated over 35 years of leading renewable energy experimentation. Those of you unaware of CAT’s pioneering work can check out our interview with development director Paul Allen, or gawp at their elegant plans for the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education. Or you can just read on for more on what CAT’s consultancy days will have to offer. This from their website:

“ As enthusiasm and awareness of renewables has increased thousands of different products and technologies have become available. There is a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there which can make it difficult to know where to start. CAT's Consultancy Surgery Days are there to help you understand and work out what you need. "There is a lot of information out there and finding your way through it can be complex. The aim of our consultancy surgery days is to assess your specific project and work out the best options for you," says CAT's energy consultant David Hood. "The key thing is that our advice is completely unbiased and impartial. We're not trying to sell particular products. We're here to help you work out what is going to work for you."

Participants will also be able to benefit from onsite advice about other green building elements, including waste reduction, composting toilets, water conservation and organic gardening. CAT is also home to an impressive bookshop stocking resources for all aspects of green living. The first surgery is scheduled for December 5th, and would-be participants are encouraged to email to book a place. No word on the website as to how much the surgeries cost – but I have emailed to find out and will post an update when I hear something.