Cat Supervises Cleaning From the Comfort of a Clever, Makeshift Car

Cleaning up the house can be a tiring endeavor. The scrubbing and wiping wears out the arms while bending and squatting to get those tough-to-reach spaces can make the back and knees ache.

If only we were this very smart cat.

The cat doesn't get the broom or the upright vacuum to clean up. Instead, it climbs into a comfy-looking crate that sits atop a robotic vacuum cleaner and it goes to work "cleaning" up the floor. This is cleaning in comfort and style. No aching joints or worn out paws for this clever feline.

Okay, sure, the robot vacuum is doing all the actual cleaning, but by sitting on top of it, the cat at least looks like it's steering ... or something.

In any case, that floor is going to be spotless by the time this cat is done with its cleaning joyride.