It All Started When the Cat Began Acting 'Weird' …

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Think you would be able to tell which kitty was which?. Irina Kozorog/Shutterstock

Put a few dogs and cats in a room and you would be able to pick out the one that lives with you, right? I mean, they sleep on your bed, stare at you while you eat, and cuddle with you occasionally. That's a lot of quality time and some serious familiarity.

But maybe we're not as aware as we think we are.

When his cat was acting a little off, a man in New Zealand took his pet to his vet and then kept the feline confined to a bedroom for several days' recuperation, thinking the poor kitty was truly out of sorts. He told the vet his cat was acting strange, so the kitty was prescribed some anti-anxiety medication.

It wasn't until the man's actual cat sauntered into the room that he realized he had been taking care of the wrong pet.

When a neighbor had asked him days earlier if he'd seen her cat, the guy said nope — not realizing until later that he'd had her feline all along. And in fact, his cat was female, while the cat he had mistaken for his pet was male. Neither he nor the vet noticed that detail.

The case of the mistaken cat identity was a hit on social media, as the chagrined cat owner's friend shared the tale.

He even shared a text from the cat's true owner who said the kitty seemed no worse for wear.

People quickly chimed in with their own wrong-pet stories. One woman said she and her husband once buried a cat they thought was theirs.

Until the feline showed up to witness its owners crying at his funeral.

Once people started confessing, all starts of stories came pouring in. Apparently, we don't know our pets so well after all.