This Cat Just Loves the Spray Bottle

Some cats see the spray bottle as a sign of punishment. Even the sound of spritzing water may be enough to make a cat scamper for its favorite hiding spot. Not so for Joey. This cat runs to the spray bottle, not away from it.

Apparently, you don't even need to start spraying to water from the bottle to get Joey's attention. He hones in on the sound of water sloshing around inside the bottle, even if he's napping somewhere else in the house. And then he scoots towards the sound. He doesn't want to be sprayed in the face, though. He wants a sort of jet stream water experience where the water is sprayed onto his mouth at close range and he just laps up the water. Joey even likes "holding" bottle when he's getting drinking, wrapping his paws around the bottle while his human companion spritzes.

It may not be the most efficient way to stay hydrated (Joey's human companion says he gets plenty of water), but it certainly looks like the most enjoyable.