Casa Cúbica Turns Shipping Container Into Vacation Villa

©. Cubica

Shipping containers are designed for freight, not people, and it can be a challenge, trying to squeeze a house into them. The designers atCosta Rica's Cúbica have built some interesting shipping container houses, including this clever unit.

roof view of cubica

© Cubica

They keep the sun off the container (and maximise the interior space) by cladding it in metal siding, with an air space behind. Similarly the roof deck keeps the sun from hitting the container directly. A bump-out extension is added at one end to provide space for two bunks, as well as add a little visual variety. The sun shade folds down to seal up the unit for security.

cubica dining

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Inside, the Murphy bed is hidden behind the fold-down dining room table.

cubica from outside

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Here's a view with the bed folded down.

plan of unit

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I usually complain that shipping containers are too narrow and tight to make decent living spaces, but Cúbica have done a really good job of squeezing everything in here, including a full laundry, a workable kitchen and a bright bathroom, thanks to that shower with an exterior door. More at Cubica, via Dornob and Small House Bliss.

Cubica rental

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You can rent it too.