Zipcar Stops Renting 2010 Prius Hybrids Until Brake Problems are Fixed

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Apologies for the bad Photoshop job... Photo: Zipcar Logo, Toyota
Less Than 1% of Zipcar Fleet, But...
I'm pretty sure that many TreeHugger readers are also Zipcar customers (car-sharing in general is booming), and chances are that with that crowd, the Prius is more popular than the SUVs. But unless you live in a cave (in which case, why are yo reading this? Oh, your cave is off-grid and has wireless internet, I see...), you know about Toyota's wave of recalls, which now includes the 2010 Prius because of a problem with the brakes. That's why Zipcar is stopping temporarily rental of its 2010 Prius hybrids until the problem can be corrected.
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Image: Zipcar

The Good News, Bad News: 2010 Prius hybrids represent less than 1% of the Zipcar fleet, according to the company, but they no doubt have lots of older Prius hybrids and other Toyotas that are affected by the other recalls, and they will stop taking reservations for them until the problems are fixed. It's not surprising that the company doesn't want to be held liable for any accidents that might happen now that the problem is known, even if malfunctions aren't that likely statistically.

It shouldn't take too long to fix for the 2010 Prius: "Toyota says the fix takes 40 minutes and involves adding new software that controls the anti-locking system."

Silver Lining
The glass-half-full way to look at this bad situation is that this will force Toyota to focus more on quality and testing, and this should lead to even better vehicles in the future. Other car makers should pay attention, because who knows what undiscovered problems are lurking?

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