Zipcar Launches Fancy New Web Reservation System


Regular TreeHugger readers already know that we're enamored with car-sharing services; they reduce the number of cars on the road and make driving a much more efficient experience as a whole. One of the services that's made a splash here in the States is Zipcar (though they've recently branched out to London and Toronto, along with Chicago here in the US), and to make it a little easier on everyone, they've launched a fancy new reservation system on their website. After surveying 30,000 members and running some tests, they've combined one-click reservations, embedded Google maps and AJAX technology, which allows for real-time interaction with ever-changing vehicle availability and a solid Web 2.0 experience. It looks like a pretty slick system, and if it helps more people share cars, we're all for it. Read all the details in the press release and learn more about Zipcar at their site. ::Zipcar via ::AutoblogGreen

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