Zipcar announces a new one-way service, making it easier than ever to not own a car

Zipcar one way Honda Fit
© Zipcar

Car-sharing is great because it makes it easier for people to not own a car. Each vehicle in a car-sharing fleet replaces many vehicles that would otherwise be manufactured, and people drive a lot less when they are paying by the hour/mile than when they own a car (sunk cost). And things are getting even better now that there are more shared hybrids and electric vehicles. But as they say, there's always room for improvement. There's always been a few situations where a car-less person would need a car, but the traditional car-sharing model doesn't work. One of those was the one-way trip, because you usually have to bring back the shared car to the spot where you got it.

Well, Zipcar is now launching a one-way service that they call ONE>WAY (mathematicians will be confused), making it even more convenient to not own a car yet have access to a set of wheels whenever you need them. It's similar to the Car2Go model, but with bigger vehicles than Smart ForTwos.

Zipcar one way Honda Fit© Zipcar

The new Zipcar service, to be launched in "select markets" later this year, will allow members to reserve a car at a specific location and drop it off at another where a reserved parking spot is waiting for it. The service is launching first in Boston in September, and then expanding to other cities. The one-way cars will be efficient-yet-spacious 2015 Honda Fits, as pictured above.

Here's the general concept illustrated by this video showing hip people doing what hip people do, and then conveniently getting a one-way Zipcar (sorry, I mean ONE>WAY) to go to their next fun destination:

Via Zipcar, Grist

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