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The Vectrix is Feeling a bit Less Lonely...
Today my inbox was flooded by people telling me about the Zero S street-legal electric motorcycle. I already wrote about the Zero X electric dirtbike, and the Zero S could be considered its slightly more sophisticated and urban sibling. You can see a pretty kickass video of itin action below (make sure to hit the "HQ" button to get the high-resolution version).
Zero S Technical Specifications
All the tech specs you could want are here, but here are some highlights:

Torque: 62.5 ft-lbs (84.6 Nm)
Peak horsepower: 31 horsepower
Peak electrical input: 22,000 watts
Top Speed: 60 mph (96.6 kph)
Battery: Lithium-ion, 4 kWh (58volts @ 70Ah)
Range: Up to 60 miles (97 km)
Recharge time: Less than 4 hours (can take 110V or 220V)
Total weight: 225 pounds (102.1 kg)

And the best for last:

Typical cost to recharge: Less than $.01 per mile or kilometer

Zero Motorcycles is taking orders for the Zero S, with deliveries expected to start in May. Cost is $9,995 + $500 shipping to anywhere in the continental US. You can order with a $1k deposit.

Via Zero Motorcycles, Hell For Leather Magazine
Thanks Ben R.!
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