Zero Carbon Carnage: Cyclist Hit By Electric Vehicle During Zero Emissions Race

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Our two favourite solutions for the future of transport, bikes and electric cars, interacted in Vancouver on Friday. The Zero Emissions Race was wheeling through Vancouver when a cyclist apparently rode off the sidewalk and in front of the Oerlikon Solar racing team vehicle. The 50 year old cyclist was injured and taken to hospital. Don Chandler, spokesman for the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, is quoted in the Globe and Mail: "It's a hard mix when the bicyclists jump out in front of you, It's like a dog running off the curb right in front of you. You can't stop."

There is no explanation of why the cyclist was on the sidewalk. According to the Vancouver Sun,

The motorcycle had days earlier been shipped to Vancouver from China, and minutes before the accident Loacker had joked with reporters that it had been difficult in China to navigate around erratic drivers.

Vancouver was supposed to be "the easy part of the tour," Chandler said with chagrin, adding he was unaware of any other serious mishaps during the globe-trotting race.

The Zerotracer may be out of the race because of the damage to the vehicle, The Zerrotracer website has added this notice:

The Zerotracer has been involved in an accident in Vancouver with another cyclist that had to be sent to the hospital to treat his injuries. The other team members of the Zero Emission Race have continued their journey without the Zerotracer. If and when the Zerotracer will continue its journey is not determined at this point of time. The team wants to express its regrets for this incident and wishes the cyclist a fast recovery.

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