Zapino Electric Scooter From Zap!

Electric vehicle maker, Zap, have released a new model called the Zapino. The rear-wheel hub motor will drive it up to 30mph, and the 60v batteries will last for 30 miles. There is an optional upgrade, with Lithium batteries, that will boost the range up to a very respectable 65 miles, but this obviously boosts the price up from the £2995 base.

We've featured Zap! vehicles a lot here on TreeHugger, like their Mud bike, Lotus X and Truck PK. So, Zap have a lot of experience in the market, but there are other options, like Honda's Moped-EV or Yamaha's Divide. In my opinion though, they all lack a bit of style. Aesthetically, there is no prettier scooter than a Vespa. They offer a hybrid, but no complete electric option yet. If they do, then I will be in line to buy one. ::ZAP! via ::Alternative Consumer