ZAP Truck PK

ZAP, the electric car company that has its hand in everything from microcars to dirtbikes to high-performance vehicles, has added another notch to its manufacturing belt - the ZAP Truck PK. With the ability to be used as a pickup truck, dumptruck or a flatbed, the PK serves triple duty to help transport some of the larger and bulkier items that most cars can't. With a top-speed of 40mph, you won't find yourself on the freeway, but the PK should be useful for both city streets and rural areas. The other major limitation for the PK is its small range, only 25 miles per charge and about 40 miles per day, so this is certainly not for long-distance hauling. However, if you want the opportunity to transport larger items without having to succumb to a noisy, dirty gasoline pick-up, this ZAP is a relative bargain at just over $10,000.