Zap! Smart Cars for the U.S.


The Smart cars are coming! The Smart cars are coming! These hyper-efficient little vehicles have been zipping through the cobbled streets of the Old World for years now, and Zap! has finally developed one that meets U.S. standards. The 60 mpg, six-speed vehicles have three cylinders and are adorably cute, but it’s hard to imagine Americans using them on anything...but a golf course or in a shopping mall, which in fact, brings up a scary thought: Would a car this small simply add to our reliance on gas-powered vehicles, encouraging us to use cars where we don’t already? Really, they’re not much bigger than kids’ toy cars. Furthermore, despite Zap’s insistence that the Smart car meets rigorous safety standards, we can’t imagine them sharing the sharing the highways with the Hummer 3. Yikes. Still, we like moxie. $12,000-20,000 ::Zap Thanks ::Jalopnik!

smart car.jpg