ZAP Shakes it Up at NADA: Dealers Place 2,300 EV Orders


We reported at the end of January that ZAP would be showing up at this year’s North American Dealer’s Association (NADA) convention in Las Vegas to try and drum up mainstream interest for electric vehicles. At the center of ZAP’s attack was an entirely new EV based around Lotus Engineering’s APX crossover, the ZAP-X. It certainly seems that the satisfying aesthetics and impressive performance stats (350 miles per charge and 155 mph) of the ZAP-X made a big impression on the world of auto dealing. The EV maker reports that 19 dealers made non-cancelable purchase orders for a total of 2,300 electric cars. ZAP says this almost doubles the current number of ZAP dealers. Orders included the ZAP-X, the Obvio! 828 two-seater, and the Xebra pickup. ::ZAP