ZAP ATZ Electric Quad Bike ... And More

How’s about something a little different for the electric fleet? If your work requires a vehicle that’s a tad more utilitarian than a souped-up golf buggy, this might do the trick. Range is 25 mile (40 km) on a 5-8 hour charge time. And you’ll be able to attain speeds up to 20 mph (32 kph), or maybe more because it only comes in one colour and we all know that red goes faster. About $2,000 (USD) from ZAP (Zero Air Pollution). A heavy duty model is another grand. ZAP have been around for yonks (1994), I remember them offering electric bikes in my ancient Real Goods catalogs. Since those days they have become a one stop shop for all forms of electric vehicles (We’ve mentioned them earlier for bringing the smart and Obvio to the US market) Now they even have a second-hand online market for electric cars, like the Intimidator and VW Rabbit pictured below. ::ZAP ATZ

2002 ZAP Intimidator
25 MPH with up to 25 miles per charge
$9,500 (USD)


1981 Volkswagon Rabbit Conversion
65 MPH with up to 50 miles per charge
$8,000 (USD)