Zac — Urban Mobility from Portugal


Always pleasing to have stories coming at us from around the world. A comment on our post about the Cannondale Jacknife bicycle, alerts us to the zippy little Zac, an electric powered scooter from Portugal. If you weigh less than 80 kg (176 lb for our US brethern) then this little 19kg mover will pull you up “10% of inclination“ (we assume they're meaning a slope of up to 10 degrees). It can reach a max speed of 25 kph (15 mph) and give an hours worth of travel (at 15 kph). As the pics suggest the twin rechargeable 12V 12A batteries are stowed under the running board. The purchase price is about € 390 ($470 USD), and it is said to have a running cost € 0.29 ($0.35 USD) per 100 km (62 mile) of distance covered. The close up photos on the site seem to suggest the Zac is well made, with an foldable anodised aluminium frame structure and kevlar transmission belt. ::Zac Eléctrica