Yet Another Of Ann Coulter's Dislikes: Electric Cars

Ann Coulter isn't shy about expressing her hatred of liberals in general and the New York times in particular, nor does she hesitate to proclaim that both climate change and evolution are hoaxes. Her inflammatory comments should come as no surprise; after all, she has done very well for herself as an author, columnist and commentator, and the basis of her success has been her willingness to speak her mind. What does come as a surprise, however, is another dislike she inadvertently expressed in a recent article about John McCain, the all-but-confirmed Republican nominee for president and strong supporter of climate change legislation. Comparing Senator McCain with Bob Dole, she said

Bob Dole from Kansas had a pretty good voting record, too. But no one fully believed he believed it. Another feather in his cap was that he didn't burden voters with a "Straight Talk Express," a means of conveyance even more useless and idiotic than an electric car.

So Ann Coulter also hates electric cars. Never mind that Israel is hoping to sell them like cell phones, Google is actively testing plug-in hybrids, Tesla has just delivered their first production electric vehicle, and Miles Automotive Group, Aptera and others are looking to bring affordable electric cars to market. We've got some hypothesis as to what's behind her comments after the fold.1) She believes the liberal fearmongers are promoting electric cars as a way of getting a liberal agenda in through the back door: first electric cars, then renewable energy mandates, and next thing you know we'll all be living in hippy communes!

2) She associates electric cars with effete, effeminate intellectuals, whereas gas-guzzlers are all-American, manly and--why not--Christian, too!

3) Due to the fact that electric cars are quiet, thousands of lives will be lost if we start driving them because no one will hear them coming and old ladies will die while crossing the street. (we've actually seen this claim before with respect to the new CAFE standards.

4) She agrees with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and believes that carbon dioxide is essential to life--so the more we spew out, the better!

And our last hypothesis is:

5) She doesn't believe in evolution, so how could she believe in electric cars? If God wanted us to use electric cars, he would have given us better battery packs and thousands of recharging stations.

Lascelles Linton over at AutoBlogGreen points out that "She has insulted lots of things (lots and lots and lots things) in the past but I think this is a first for electric transportation. Should EVs feel honored?"

Well readers, what do you think: what could possibly be 'driving' Ann Coulter's dislike of electric cars? And should EVs feel honored?

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