Yay! Bike & Pedestrian Cal Park Tunnel Opens in Marin County (Video)

A Second Life for an Old Train Tunnel
Ever since the late 1970s, people have been trying to turn a 124-year-old abandoned railroad tunnel into something that pedestrians and cyclists could use (and eventually, bringing back light-rail to it). Active development started 12 years ago, and after a looooong wait, the 1.2 mile tunnel (not the best place to be if you are claustrophobic) has now been officially opened in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to commute between the Larkspur Ferry landing and San Rafael in a way that is healthy, fun, and non-polluting. They'll save time as well; about 10-15 minutes per trip for the average cyclist. Congrats to everybody who made this happen! Check out the video above by our friends at Streetfilms. Via StreetFilms and San Francisco Streetsblog. See also: Be Generous for Streetsblog NYC's First Fundraiser

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