Yamaha Pays Employees to Leave the Motorcycle Home

Yamaha Motor Corporation, a motorcycle manufacturer, has started to reward its employees for eco-commuting. To be eligible for the small monthly sum (1000 yen, almost $10 US), employees can walk, cycle (on a human-powered bike) or use public transportation. The frequency of the company's shuttle-bus has also been increased. This new system has encouraged more than 60 people to leave the car or motorcycle home - which is not the first thing you would expect from a gas-powered vehicle manufacturer - and those who have started walking or cycling have reported benefits such as enjoying the fresh air and being free from stressful traffic congestion.Yamaha is also encouraging employees to buy Yamaha motorcycles (not surprising), even offering financial assistance and free motorcycle lessons, but they are also pushing for the use of Passol electric scooters (webpage in Japanese, but with some pictures).

::Yamaha Employees Start Eco-Commuting, via ::Triple Pundit