Yakkay Gives You at Least Five Reasons You Might Want to Wear a Helmet

I know, I know. In spite of what we've said, the helmet debate will never be over - it is paper versus plastic all over again, except with the added fear factor of saving (or not) the contents of your precious brain if your head is involved in an accident. Whatever you decide to do helmet-wise, don't let it stop you from riding! Safety for cyclists increases when there are more of us out there cycling. So for city riding, why not at least consider these five reasons to wear?

Five Yakkay Helmets photo<br>

Here are the first four reasons. Via Yakkay.
Basic bubble, or the Luzern, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo
Denmark-based Yakkay calls their helmets "brainwear for smart people." Without delving too deeply into the many legitimate reasons there are to wear a helmet, the main reason you might not want to is that they can look extremely dorky.

Yakkay takes a basic bubble helmet style, then adds rounded ear straps and adjustable locks in polished stainless, and makes it customizable with a number of hat coverings - from a herringbone tweed to a fluffy fake white fur cover to an Indiana Jones style khaki cover. The helmets are not cheap, retailing at around $155. If you wear it every day, especially when the weather is inclement, however, it's a dual investment, keeping your head warm and your brain encased (the helmet underneath is designed to the European safety standard EN1078, if that matters).

Yakkay in Jazz photo
And here's the fifth reason - it's actually the Tokyo style, but with this checkered pink cover looks totally transformed! One note of caution: in previous posts around dolling up your helmet, readers have commented that a slick surface has been deemed desirable on a helmet in order to not snag in the case of bike accident.

Now some enterprising U.S. firm needs to step in and do something Yakkay-like. Or Yakkay needs to name a hat style after a U.S. city - take your pick New York, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco are all great cycling cities - and head over to this shore with these helmets. Via: Yakkay
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