Xtracycle: Like An Xtra-cab For Your Bike

Once you make the leap to commuting and traveling by bicycle instead of car, you feel as free as a bird...Until you have to carry back 200 pounds of groceries for a party, or 20 board-feet of lumber for a project. Current bike trailers and racks just can't stand up to these kinds of loads without becoming extremely dangerous and unpredictable. With that in mind, the savvy engineers of Xtracycle have created the next evolution of the pack bike...Their Freeradical S.U.B conversion kit does just that: Makes your favorite ride into the baddest sport utility bike on the planet. Forget pantiers and racks on the front, or over the back tire that bump your knees and feet. Rather than relying on the strength of a single peg or gimbal on a bike trailer, the Freeradical bolts directly into the wheel peg holes in the back fork, with reinforcing braces so that it's sturdy enough to carry darn near anything. And, since the extended wheelbase positions the carried load directly over the rear wheels, and low to the ground, handling is much more stable than on traditional bikes.

If you take a second to flip through the testimonials and gallery, you'll see what we mean; Xtracycle riders have made thousand mile trips, crossed mountain ranges, hauled more than a small car, and basically put these little brutes through their paces. And the verdict seems to be a strong positive, bordering on fanaticism. Once you convert your bike, you never go back. Installation of the kit is easy enough that anyone who regularly looks after their bike shouldn't have any trouble.

Bare-bones kits start at $170 US, with the full featured package going for $300. Or, if you don't want to be bothered with fiddling, you can buy a pre-made system in either cruiser or urban bike flavor for $600 or $900 respectively. We mean it about the galleries. The images below are just a taste of the craziness that awaits you.
:: Xtracycle S.U.B. System [by DM]