XR3 Hybrid: 125 MPG Diesel Electric Prototype


Custom vehicle designer Robert Q. Riley has dreamed up everything from bikes to kit cars to hovercraft and submarines. For his latest project, he's drawing up plans for a super-lightweight, high-performance diesel-electric hybrid. The XR3 Hybrid is a three-wheeled Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) that will supposedly get 125 mpg and top out at 85 mph. In a nod to Natural Capitalism's Hypercar, the clam-shell canopy will be made from carbon-fiber, and when plans are completed (the website says later this year), they'll be published so that adventurous DIYers can try it for themselves. While far from production status, Riley has enough vehicle design experience and credibility to insure we'll be watching in December. ::XR3 Hybrid via ::Jalopnik