Xebras Deliver Pizza in Las Vegas


Domino's Pizza franchises in Las Vegas have been testing Zap Xebra electric vehicles for pie delivery. Part of a new pilot program, Domino's wants to lessen its carbon footprint and save on gas for the untold number of miles it clocks delivering pizzas to the hungry mouths of the world via its network of more than 8,000 franchised shops. "Today it is not uncommon to have your Domino's pizza delivered by bicycle, scooter or car around the world," said Jim Stansik, Domino's executive vice president of Franchise Development. "Looking toward tomorrow, Domino's is committed to also being a responsible consumer of our planet's natural resources by testing the feasibility of using electric vehicles in our stores." The Xebra is a three-wheeled, all-electric city car (40 mph maximum speed—probably a good thing in this case), that can charge off of a typical 110 Volt outlet. We're waiting for word on how widespread the use of EVs will be by "the recognized world leader in pizza delivery." :: Autoblog Green via Hugg (Linton)