X-Prize Winning MonoTracer-E Cruises at 300 MPGe (Video)

monotracer-e photo

Image: Youtube screen grab

Does It Make a Cameo in Tron: Legacy?

The X-Tracer Team won $2.5 million for the X-Prize Alternative Tandem competition with a 205.3 MPGe faired electric motorcycle. That electric vehicle is now known as the MonoTracer-E, and below is a video of it in action on the highway; the team was invited to display it at the 2010 SEMA Show, and instead of putting it in a truck they figured why not drive over there with it and maybe set an efficiency record on the 625 miles roundtrip (why not?). Check out the beautiful HD video below.

Beautiful, isn't it?

"The running gag is they paid the Venice beach musician $5 to record his song, and the X-Tracer used the equivalent of $5 of electricity for the 625 mile roundtrip through the desert. The 70kWhr energy consumed noted in the opening title works out to 8.9 mi per kWhr or ~300MPGe (using 35kWhrs for the energy equivalency of 1 gallon of gasoline). " (source)

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Via Peraves Cabin Motorcycles, ABG

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