Wretched Excess Dept: Limos Aren't Good Enough For The 1% Any More, Now They Have Sprinters

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It's tough being rich in New York these days. The New York Times, ever conscious of the major problems in the world, addresses the crisis among the 1%, how to get around in style and comfort and not get eaten by the mobs occupying Wall Street. Christine Haughney describes how "some of the richest New Yorkers have taken to driving around in vehicles that ooze neither wealth nor privilege. But on the inside, the vans may be as lavishly decorated as the private railroad cars owned by turn-of-the-century industrialists."

The scions of Wall Street like them because they are comfy; Haughney tours one:

The seats were upholstered with heavily scented leather and a stocked bar had individual lighting for each wine glass and Champagne flute.

Moms like them too:

A writer and mother of three who lives on the Upper East Side, said that play dates adhered to a certain pecking order: those that start in one of these ultra-luxury vans are preferable because they can “just bop into a souped-up bulletproof living room on wheels,” she said.

There are drawbacks, like nowhere to park, but that's why you have chauffeurs, right? Just go stop illegally until the cops tell you to move. And keep those windows closed, because the 99% are getting uppity.

“Using your vehicle as a luxury lounge is just usurping public space for your own private use,” said Michael Murphy, a spokesman for Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group that encourages New Yorkers to travel around the city more responsibly. “Streets are shared space and belong to the community.”

More at the New York Times.

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Becker Automotive Design calls them, appropriately, JetVans, since they really are fitted out like private jets.

DISCREET on the outside, and your world on the inside---the Becker JetVan™ is on the leading edge of future transportation design.

I am not sure how discreet a black sprinter with sliding doors are, Most I I have seen on the road have dents and smell like fish. Perhaps they should hire Banksy and paint it up a bit.

And I am surprised that they are not driving these lovely new Volkswagens yet.

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Wretched Excess Dept: Limos Aren't Good Enough For The 1% Any More, Now They Have Sprinters
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