Worried About Car Thieves? Get a Prius Hybrid!

The Crime-Fighting Hybrid

Worried about your car being stolen? There are all kinds of precautions that you can take, such as parking in well-lit spots and not leaving valuables in plain sight inside the vehicle and so on, but it also makes a difference what model you drive. According to statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, on average 1 in 78 vehicles from the model years 2008-2010 models were reported stolen in the U.S., while that number falls dramatically to 1 in 606 for the Toyota Prius. Not only does it burn less gasoline, reducing CO2 emissions and saving money, as well as produce little smog-forming emissions (NOx, PM, etc), but it also keeps criminals at bay. Not bad!

Toyota Prius hybrids family© Toyota

High Recovery Rate by Police

Not only are fewer Prius hybrids stolen in the first place, but those that are end up being recovered at a very high rate:

"In addition to having a low theft rate, the Toyota Prius also has a remarkably high recovery rate with 96.7% of all stolen Prii being recovered. Out of the 2,439 Prii stolen between 09/04/2000 and 06/30/2012, only 80 were still active thefts as of 09/30/2012. The average recovery time for a Toyota Prius is 23.6 days."

Here's a map that shows where the most Prius thefts occur. Of course, California has more Prii than any state, so it's not surprising that it has a substantial lead.

Prius Theft MapNICB/Screen capture

If you are more curious about bike theft than car theft, check out this post: Underworld Economics: Why Are So Many Bikes Stolen? What Happens to Them?

Via National Insurance Crime Bureau, ABG

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