World's First Biofueled Passenger Flight to Launch Next Year

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Photo credit: jurvetson via Flickr/CC BY

There's been plenty of talk and a lot of testing when it comes to various kinds of biofuel-powered airplanes. So far, biofuels have been relegated to the runways for experimental flights. But in 2011, the German airliner Lufthansa plans to launch the world's first biofuel passenger flight. The AP reports:

Germany's biggest airline, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, says it will launch the world's first passenger flight using biofuel next year.

The company said Monday that an Airbus A321 aircraft on daily flights between Hamburg and Frankfurt will be powered with a biofuel blend made from 50 percent vegetable oil. The flights will begin in April 2011 and continue for six months as part of a government-backed study on the long-term impact of biofuels on aircraft performance.

The Finnish oil company Neste Oil will supply the fuel, which it claims emits between 40-80 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than typical jet fuel.

Several other airliners, including the US-based Continental and the European KLM, have been testing biofuels for future use, though Lufthansa will be the first to put biofuels into use on regularly scheduled commercial flights.

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