World's fastest electric powered log (55MPH) gets in Guinness book of records

log car with record
© Bryan Reid, holding record

We love almost everything wood, and couldn't call ourselves TreeHugger if we didn't cover Bryan Reid Sr.'s run for the record books in a speeding tree. We will even overlook the fact that it is a 240 year old first growth western red cedar from near Bella Bella, and that Bryan Reid's day job is taking other giant first growth cedars and turning them into monster log homes. No, wait, this is a sustainable cedar rocket; according to their sustainability page,

Once the trees are harvested, crews go back into the logging area and conduct reforestation using native species including Western Red Cedar – each year more than 200 million seedlings are planted in British Columbia and 650 million throughout Canada. Through biodiversity, and in accordance with British Columbia’s Forest Practices Code, we are able to give back to Mother Nature to ensure a healthy new forest.

fastest log © Brian Reid

Because it's just so crazy, to spend thousands of hours to build a motorized log. And wait, there's more: woodn't you know it's electric, with a quarter of its weight, 529 pounds of batteries driving two giant leaf blower turbines from Buffalo Turbine., putting those horrible things to good use for the first time ever. There is also a 35 horsepower direct drive electric motor hooked up to the differential, although why a car designed for a dragstrip run needs a differential is not explained. I guess he plans some road trips.

Really, this could be the future of sustainable green transportation- a car made from sustainably harvested wood, powered by electric motors, going at the Jimmy Carter approved 55 MPH.

burning rubberWorld Record Academy: Bryan Sr. burning rubber./via

According to the Province:

The “Cedar Rocket,” powered by twin, 20-horsepower electric turbines, can do about 225 km/h “on paper,” but maxed out at 90 [55MPH] for its record on the quarter mile, Reid said. “The turbines just scream. At the end of the quarter mile, when we were about to shut down, it sounded like a jet taking off.”

Because that's what leaf blowers sound like.

Bryan Reid Sr. Breaks a World Record

Congratulations Bryan Reid Sr. on breaking the record for fastest motorized log! #TimberKings

Posted by HGTV Canada on Friday, 5 February 2016

Why Guinness has a "fastest motorized log" category is beyond our understanding as well, but here is the definition:

For the purposes of this record a motorised tree or log is a tree trunk which has been carved to allow an engine, wheels and controls to be fitted within the body of the log. The motorised log must be drive-able by a person sitting within the log.

However we should note that it is still slower than our favorite piece of transformer furniture, the world's fastest sofa.

World's fastest electric powered log (55MPH) gets in Guinness book of records
If you are the kind of person wonders why they bother, read no further.

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