In a World Without Gas, What Would We Do With The Gas Pumps?

bowsers ad campaign one photoNissan Australia/Screen capture

US sales of the Nissan LEAF have been clocking up slowly, but they have started to appear in cities around the country. (I spotted one in my local co-op parking lot the other day.) And as they do, they start to demonstrate that truly gas-free automotive transportation is 100% realistic for many citizens of even this most car-dependent of nations. Given that the Prius went from a niche oddity to a global top 3 car in just 5 years, there is a good chance that this vehicle could mark the start of a decidedly different era of transportation.

At least that's what Nissan will be hoping, and in honor of the launch of the Nissan LEAF in Australia, they have created a cheery, tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign which is asking Australians to imagine a world without petrol. In honor of this vision, Nissan have created artistically repurposed "bowsers", or gas pumps, which the public can vote on and even win their favorite to install in their own homes. (As Warren's post on the "bowser blues" shows that Aussies areas car dependent and susceptible to moaning about gas prices as their American counterparts.)

bowsers ad campaign two photoNissan Australia/Screen capture

From a London phone box through an amplifier to a gumball machine, there are some pretty awesome—if totally nonsensical—creations here. Given the site is racking up the "likes" on Facebook it seems these adorable "bowsers" may help deliver the message of a new era in much the same way as cute but ultimately doomed cooling towers of Ecotricity's "Dump The Big Six" video.

In a World Without Gas, What Would We Do With The Gas Pumps?
Nissan is asking Australians to find a new purpose for unloved "bowsers", or gas pumps, now that the LEAF is making gas-free transportation a reality.

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