World Solar Challenge 2005

This weekend sees the return of the biennial World Solar Challenge. "The 'Challenge' — to design and build a car capable of crossing Australia on the power of daylight, comprehends the most innovative research and development of alternative transport technologies." At 8am on 25 September 2005, teams from 11 countries are expected to set off on the trip southward, to cross the continent, from Darwin to Adelaide [see map in extended post]. Most teams will take about a week but the real competitive ones should complete the journey in about four days. The even follows a similar route to that taken by the windpowered skateboard we mentioned previously. After the Challenge there will be ...... an international conference entitled the Emerging Transport Technology Conference, where apparently General Motors Detroit will discuss the Freedom CAR project — "the US Government project charged with the task of 'kick-starting' the hydrogen economy." Well, I never ... truly, will wonders never cease? But back to the Challenge—you can read about the teams competing and track their progress on the website here — ::World Solar Challenge