World Record: Mark Beaumont Circles the Globe on his Bike in 195 Days

Mark Beaumont

It took him 195 days and six hours, but Mark Beaumont from Scotland totally destroyed the current world record of 276 days for biking around the world. It wasn't easy. He had to dodge cars, sleep where he could, deal with bad roads, political conflicts, and often had a hard time finding enough to eat (he needed 6,000 calories a day). He also had to carry 80 kilograms (176 pounds) of gear everywhere on his £2,500 ($4,880) road bike.

"He said yesterday that could have gone faster if it hadn't been for the junk food he had had to eat in Australia and the US. 'There were no healthy options - and it had a massive effect on my mental focus and body strength.'"

Terrifying experiences included cycling in Istanbul, a city of 15 million people, which "without comparison is the scariest cycling I have ever done".

He changed routes to avoid the insurgency in southern Thailand when crossing into Malaysia.

The Glasgow University graduate hopes to have raised £18,000 for charities including Country Holidays for Inner City Kids, Edinburgh Cyrenians Trust, Tusk Trust, and Community Action Nepal.

Beaumont started the Artemis World Cycle Challenge with the aim of beating the record of 276 days, 19 hours and 15 minutes, held by Steven Strange from Devon.

You can watch a short video interview with Beaumont on CNN.

::Around the world in 195 days, six hours - by bike

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