Woman Bites NYC Bus Driver Because Bus Wasn't a Hybrid (?!)

new york city hybrid bus photo

"Going green was a cause she could really sink her teeth into."
The New York Daily News, in its Crime section, reports the story of a woman, Shelia Bolar, 49, who apparently bit the driver of the bus she was riding on because she was upset. Why was she so mad? Because the bus wasn't a hybrid (?!).

Read on for more details.

"She came on the bus, and she said she waited more than an hour for a hybrid," said MTA driver Peter Williams, 42. "I said, 'I'm not in control of what bus is assigned to me.'"

From this we can conclude that she only rides in hybrid buses, and when none showed up she got frustrated. Once inside the bus, she started hollering at the driver and when she was done ranting she bit him through "a jacket, a sweater and a thick shirt, causing a bruise and swelling but not breaking skin."

Hannibal's Bride
Bolar now faces assault charges and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The moral of this story? Crazy in the name of any cause, even green, is still crazy. If you want to ride only in hybrid buses, that's fine (though kind of pointless since all the buses keep driving around whether you are inside them or not), but please don't bit anyone.

Via NY Daily News
Photo: Flickr, CC
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