Winter Testing for Tesla's Model S Electric Sedan

Like Nissan, which released a video showing that its LEAF electric car could handle snow and cold weather, Tesla has been testing its upcoming Model S electric sedan is the snow and has now released a video showing how well the car did (if it hadn't done well, they wouldn't have released the video - but still, it seems to have passed the tests with flying colors, showing that the low center of gravity from the batteries helps handing quite a bit).

Tesla writes:

This winter Model S took a trip to Baudette, Minnesota, one of the coldest places in the continental United States. Tesla engineers worked for days in sub-zero weather in order to put Model S through a rigorous set of demanding winter driving tests.

The Automotive Enviro Testing facility offered us 820 acres of snow and ice and 19 different courses of varied winter terrain. This allowed us to fully evaluate Model S vehicle dynamics, durability, range and performance under the most extreme conditions. After days of rigorous testing, we left more confident than ever that Model S will set the standard for premium performance – no matter what's in the forecast. (source)

Of course, while this track test seems quite rigorous, the real test will take place in the real-world once Model S sedans are in people's hands. I think the biggest thing to watch will be the real-world effect of cold and snow and using the car's heater on driving range (something that also affects the fuel-efficiency of gas and diesel vehicles, btw -- some people act as if that's just a problem for electric cars).

Via Tesla Motors

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Winter Testing for Tesla's Model S Electric Sedan
Worried about how the Tesla Model S electric sedan would handle snow and cold weather? Here's a video that might convince you it will do fine.

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