"Wind-Powered" Electric Car Launched. Electric Tractor Next?

ecotricity nemesis sports car launch photo

Image credit: Ecotricity, used with permission.

From Dale Vince's announcement that he would build a 100mph electric sports car to the Nemesis, as it became known, recently hitting 134mph in wild safety tests, the development of this battery-powered speed monster has been a fascinating journey—not least because Dale Vince and team provided in-depth video footage throughout the entire development process. While some folks continue to object to the use of the term wind-powered, there's no doubt that the project has raised awareness of both the potential, and challenges, of battery-powered vehicles. Now the car has been officially launched on the streets of Britain, the development team is turning its sights to bigger, bolder goals—how do we hit 250mph in an electric car, and more importantly than that, how do we feed the world once oil starts running out?This weekend the Nemesis was officially launched at the RAC Brighton to London Future Car Rally. For those who have been hoping the Nemesis may go into production any time soon, it looks like you are out of luck. All the reports and press releases out there suggest that this will primarily be Dale Vince's personal car for now—with its primary role being to inspire others to develop the electric car, and to shame the mainstream motoring industry by demonstrating what can be done.

But that doesn't mean the crew are planning to sit idle, or just trundle around in their new wheels. In fact, the team are now looking at developing a newer, faster version of the Nemesis—perhaps even hitting 250mph! More interesting than that for us TreeHuggers though (surely there are enough electric sports cars out there by now...), Ecotricity's press release also hints at another, nobler project—the development of an electric tractor to address the next big issue of how we feed ourselves post-oil.

No word on exactly what the electric tractor might look like yet, or what the development time-scale is, but here's hoping that Mr Vince and friends' have read up on the ongoing debate about the viability, or not, of battery-powered tractors and farm machinery.

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