Will Chrysler's Electric Cars Get a Chance?

Video courtesy of Mother Nature Network

Due to its relative small size, the conventional wisdom says that Chrysler just doesn't have the money to invest in new technologies and then take a chance on those technologies failing in the marketplace.
But it seems like the days of playing it safe are over for Chrysler, and in this competitive market the rule seems to be innovate or die. Chrysler's merger with Italian car maker Fiat may yield more green cars and a chance for an engineer's crazy dream to finally come true. Chrysler's line of electric car are called ENVIs, and they had previously promised to bring at least some of them to market by 2010. Recent circumstances may change those plans.

The video above showcases some of the electric cars they displayed at the recent New York auto show. The Dodge Circuit EV certainly is an eye-catcher, built off a Lotus design. I was intrigued by the Gem electric vehicle, which is a low-power mini car meant for neighborhood driving--a glorified golf cart, really. I've never understood why a city like New York or San Francisco didn't explore the option of cutting of all roads to cars and just allowing vehicles like the Gem. Traffic and pollution would be a thing of the past.

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