Why Own Any Mode of Transportation? Peugeot's Mu Covers Them All

peugeot mu car sharing service image

Peugeot started building bicycles in 1882 and cars in 1890, so they have a bit of a history in different modes of transportation. TreeHugger has been excited about car-sharing setups like zipcar and bike-sharing systems like Velib; product service systems like this let people have transportation when you need it rather than owning it when you don't. Now Peugeot takes it one step further with "Mu"; They will supply you with anything you need, from a bicycle to a scooter to a car to a van, with options like child seats and rooftop boxes. It is coming to the UK next month, and the Telegraph looks at the pluses and minuses.

Peugeot mu car scooter sharing photo

Peter English writes in the Telegraph that it certainly isn't perfect. Everything has to be done at the Peugeot dealer and you cannot even book online. But Peugeot notes:

Mu "is the perfect mobility system for the modern era". With the growth of mega cities and rampant suburban sprawl, there is huge pressure on roads and parking spaces, which Mu addresses in an innovative way.

Add in a younger generation which, for various reasons, doesn't feel the need to own a car, and there's clearly a market for a no-frills manufacturer hire scheme such as this.

But in Paris, it is a poor competitor for the omnipresent Velibs. Peter English also has a lot of other knocks against the system, and wonders if the dealers will buy in, or if they are in enough convenient locations. Read them all at the Telegraph.

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