Why Do You Bike? TreeHugger Readers Respond

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We asked our Facebook followers why they ride bikes and got a lot of great responses. From getting exercise to bonding with your community or family to being energy efficient, you came up with some great reasons that biking is the way to go.

See full post for highlighted Facebook comments!Here is what TreeHugger readers said about why they bike:

Amanda Bourassa I love riding my bike. I am a mother of 3 kids under the age of six. When I am on my bike I feel free. I can't help but have a smile on my face. The wind in my hair, the smells in the air. Its also great to know I am doing something fantastic for the environment!

Ryan Hepner-Hart I get into a zen like state when it's just me and the trails. My mind is free

Jackie Johnston I am thrilled to be "back in the saddle" now that both of my kids are finally riding! We do all those pesky little errands around town on our bikes now, and funny thing, the errands aren't as pesky anymore!

Ellie Garrett Riding a bike gives a feeling of connection to the world around you, a sense of camaraderie with other cyclists, and a less hectic feel to commuting - completely different experience from a car

Sean Crowell It gives me a chance to spend time outside, in touch with my surroundings, and it reminds me that I inhabit a world filled with other beings besides myself. You can't be inwardly focused while riding a bike, unless you're superman.

Clearly, TreeHugger readers know better than anyone that biking is good for your body, mind, and planet. These are just a few of the great comments, read the rest here!

So, why do you ride? Let us know in the comments below!

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