Who's Afraid of a Car-Free Day? The Competitive Enterprise Institute, Apparently

TreeHugger likes all initiatives that put people - and smart people-moving transport - over cars, that's nothing new. But not even we, and presumably none of the people who valiantly organize Car-Free Days in cities circling the globe, imagine a world without any cars - the motto seems a little more 'less car' than 'car less'.

Car-Free Day scary threat to Big Auto?
However, from the above video, the Competitive Enterprise Institute seems to feel fed-up (and possibly threatened?) by the Car-Free Day as it has slowly gained a small measure of global traction. CEI has launched a YouTube offensive for people to put up their best 'anti' video clips about the upcoming car free day on September 22. The prize for the best smearing clip? A $100 gift certificate for gas - which goes a lot less far than it used to. Wouldn't a Prius have been more appropriate?

CEI is a think tank, funded at one time or another by ExxonMobile, Ford, and Pfizer. One of its own recent video clips is called 'Enjoy Bottled Water' - which does make you wonder...what it is that they are really thinking? Via ::CEI
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