Who wants a Tesla When You Can Drive an Electric '49 Bentley By Tom Dixon?


Tom Dixon is a TreeHugger fave for his work making compact fluorescents elegant; now he does the same for electric cars, converting a 1949 Mk VI Bentley to electric power. He likes it because the body can be easily separated from the chassis.


Dixon not only is recycling the car, but also the electronics from a "milk float", the ubiquitous London milk delivery trucks. "The weight of the Bentley and the donor vehicle are about the same, which makes them a good match."


There is no indication of range or speed, but given the size of the car and the number of batteries it will be lucky to make it from Mayfair to Chelsea.


Tom Dixon imagines a future where people take responsibility for their personal transport, insisting that the cars they want to drive be environmentally friendly.

Found at the London Design Museum, Super Contemporary Exhibition, running through September.

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