In which U.S. states can Tesla sell its electric cars?

States where Tesla can sell its electric cars
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Auto Dealers have been lobbying against Tesla

We've covered the Tesla vs. Auto Dealers saga pretty extensively (see links below). But looking at these pieces separately can give a confusing view of where Tesla and its direct sales model stands across the US. So the map above allows us to take a step back and look at the overall picture, which is definitely mixed, but should move in Tesla's favor over time since any polls taken show that people want the company to be allowed to sell its EVs (at least, that's if auto dealer lobbyists don't override the popular will once again).

States that Ban Direct Sales: 28 (in red)
States that Allow Tesla to Sell Cars: 20 (in blue)
States Tesla is Fighting to Overturn Ban: 2 (in gray)

The little lighting bolt icons represent states with Supercharger stations (more details on that here). The little wrenches are service centers, and the shopping carts are stores & galleries; in states where direct sales are banned, Tesla still has galleries where you can see the cars, but they are prohibited by law from doing anything that is related to sales (discuss prices, take orders, etc)... Yeah, these anti-competitive laws are ridiculous.

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In which U.S. states can Tesla sell its electric cars?
This map shows states where direct sales are banned, those where it is permitted, and those where legislation that might allow Tesla to sell is moving forward.

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