When The Sun Shines Down Under. . .It Powers a Bus

Adelaide, Australia, recently introduced what is being called, at least according to the Adelaide City Council website, "the world's first solar-powered electric bus." Manufactured by a New Zealand company called Designline International, the all-electric bus can carry 42 passengers and runs on 11 zebra sodium-nickel batteries that provide a range of 200 km (124 miles). The batteries are recharged entirely by a photovoltaic array atop the new Adelaide Central Bus station. According to one city councilman, "the system generates 70,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which makes it the largest grid-connected solar system in our City."

Only one Tindo, as the bus is called (it's Aboriginal for "sun"), has been delivered so far, but hopefully more are on the way. The best part is that, at least for now, all rides on the world's first solar-powered bus are free. That's right: "free" power from the sun (okay, the BP solar panels weren't free. . .), and a free ride around town!

Via: ::Autobloggreen, ::AdelaideCityCouncil, and ::Inhabitat.com

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