When In Doubt, Blame The Airlines For Your Travel Woes


For a long time now the airline industry has benefitted from "a long-held notion about air travel delays — that bad weather and heavy air traffic cause the bulk of the waits that passengers endure." However, a recent USA Today analysis found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, airline glitches "such as pilot shortages, taking too long to refuel and mechanical breakdowns," are actually the leading cause of delays. These glitches have "triggered 23.8 million minutes of delays through October this year," compared to 23.3 million from "delays attributed to the congested air-traffic system."

All this means that the next time you find yourself in air travel purgatory, you can direct your obscenities at the almighty airline executives (rather than at the Almighty), and have a 50% chance of accurately assigning blame. But in all seriousness, this kind of inefficiency in the system equates to a lot of unnecessary emissions, as planes idle on the tarmac, spewing a cocktail of greenhouse gases and pollutants. So as with so many environmental issues, what's good for business is also good for customers and the planet, because better performance from the airlines would save time, money and fuel. Additionally, with rising fuel costs, and the EU preparing to regulate emissions, the airline industry is going to have to find ways to cut costs and emissions anyway. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

Via: ::USA Today

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