When Does EV Charging Become Old News?

Image credit: Vintage Seattle

From a "green built" McDonalds with Electric Vehicle charging to the first networked EV charging station in Canada, TreeHugger has certainly covered its fair share of new charging points for electrified transportation. But when I received a press release from Coulomb Technologies about the first networked electric vehicle charging in the Midwest, I initially glossed over it. Could this EV fatigue be a good thing?I mean, nobody issues a press release every time a new gas station opens up down the road, though almost certainly it was big news at one time. (And may be again if IEA insiders are right about peak oil!) So when does a new electric vehicle charge point start feeling like old news, or no news?

For me, personally, I may have reached that point. Besides the fact that these things are getting more common, it's hard to see an individual charge point here or there as the kind of infrastructural investment needed to kick start an electrified transportation system. Although of course you have to start somewhere, and as a whole Coulomb's network of interconnected charge points is a huge step forward.

Where EV charging remains exciting is in the bigger picture. London's initiative to put every citizen within one mile of an EV charge point—now that's big news! Better Place's efforts to build battery swapping infrastructure in Japan—this is huge!

So just as a new organic restaurant was once news. Just as someone putting solar panels on their roof was once a big deal. And just as new gas stations were once exciting. We seem to be reaching a threshold where a new charge point does not merit making the headlines. (Although I guess in an ironic sense this post proves me wrong!)

I for one am excited.

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