Wheels 4 Life: Bringing Bikes to the Poor

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Photo courtesy of Wheels 4 Life

Here's a fantastic charity idea: give folks in developing nations who are in dire need of transportation access to just about the greenest way to get around there is. We're talking bicycles, of course.

Wheels 4 Life works to find people in poor countries who have the greatest need for transit, like students, teachers, and health care workers, and provides them with quality, durable bikes to make getting around easier—and sometimes simply possible in the first place. For most of us, bicycling is a lifestyle choice; a way to get some exercise or practice green transit. For someone whose only other option is walking, it could open up a world of opportunities.
The non-profit organization was founded by mountain biking legend Hans Rey, and its operations are international in scope. The most recent field report came back from the Philippines, where Wheels 4 Life reports much success—in total, they’ve delivered hundreds of bikes to more than 15 countries around the world.

Everyone who works for Wheels 4 Life does so on a volunteer basis—there are no paid staffers. So if you'd like to donate to the cause, and help someone in a developing country get the greenest mode of transit in the places that need it the most, head over to the Wheels 4 Life website. You can give as little as $10 towards a bike, or buy someone an entire bike for $150.

It's an innovative, green charity worth supporting—and a perfect project for an ex-World Mountain Bike Champion to undertake.

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