What's The Electric Vehicle Charging Market Worth In 5 Years?

charge point san francisco coulomb technologies photo
Charge points, Coulomb Technologies.
Image credit:City of San Francisco, CalCars

Research & Markets is projecting $200 million dollars in annual US electric vehicle charging sales by 2015. Let's assume that's a reasonable estimate. Compared to existing gasoline sales in the US, which approaches $2 billion/year, it's obvious that we have a long way to go before plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, together, make a serious dent in gasoline markets.

Any significant impact in the USA will be long after President Obama's second term has come to end.

R&M; also projects that "Bidirectional smart vehicle-to-grid charging will remain a niche application for the foreseeable future..." See Who Revived The Electric Car? for details on two-way vehicle to grid interactions will work.All the more reason to jump on high mileage, diesel cars as the interim means to reduce C02 emissions.

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