What's the link between Fifty Shades of Gray and Tesla?

Tesla right hand drive model in UK
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As if Tesla wasn't busy enough already these days working on its planned battery gigafactory and giving away all its patents to anyone who wants to use them, the company has also delivered the very first 5 right hand drive Model S to customers in the UK.

Here's some interesting trivia one the very first UK Tesla customer:

E.L. James and Elon Musk at Tesla event in UKYoutube/Screen capture

E.L. James and Elon Musk at Tesla event in UKYoutube/Screen capture

It's E.L. James, the best-selling author of the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy. No, I've never read it, but it's estimated to have sold over 100 million copies, so I think Ms. James shouldn't have trouble affording her Model S. Who knows, maybe the hero of her next book will drive a sexy & sleek electric car?

Here's a video of the event:

Tesla also used the occasion to unveil the very first Supercharger station in the UK, located in East London (they've also been expanding the network in continental Europe).

The company wants its UK customers to be able to drive from Exeter in the south west of the country to Edinburgh in Scotland just on Superchargers later this year. They're also planning to add more inner-city Superchargers in London and other densely populated areas.

More details on pricing for the Model S in the UK can be found here.

Via Tesla Motors

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