WhatGreenCar?'s Top 10 Gas Guzzlers

lamborghini murcielago

Those of you shocked not to see GM's Hummer featured front and center based on the title of this post can rest easy: though it (easily) made the list, we thought we'd showcase a different gas guzzler for variety's sake. Put together by Ben Lane, WGC?'s director, the list includes several of the newest entries to the "coveted" gas guzzler category - arranged by vehicle class and total environmental impact. The latter measure is expressed as a score between 0 and 100 - the lower it is, the more eco-friendly the car (though, for the sake of this list, Lane made an exception to the rule).

While the list features newer models of many of the usual suspects, including the aforementioned Hummer, it also has a few surprises - including the convertible version of the Mini Cooper S (score = 56) and Mazda's 3 2.3 Turbo (score = 62). Care to make a guess as to which vehicles topped 100? If you guessed "Hummer," you'd actually be wrong: the two cars to boast the worst ratings included Cadillac's SRX 4.6 V8, with a score of 105, and Lamborghini's Murcielago 147 Coupe, with a (whopping) score of 132. Hard to believe, but - by comparison - you'd actually be doing the environment a favor if you opted for a Hummer over these two beasts (not that you should, of course).Other big offenders included BMW's M5 Touring model and Audi's A8 W12 quattro Tiptronic Sport.

Via ::Guardian Unlimited: Top 10 'gas guzzlers' (news website)

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