What the...? "TreeHugger" Mercedes Unimog Hägglunds Bandvagn Truck Spotted in the Wild

TreeHugger Mercedes Unimog truck photo

We Did Not Expect That One
After the Treehugger "2REEHGR" Hummer (which we don't have anything to do with) comes the TreeHugger Mercedes Unimog Hägglunds Bandvagn truck (?!?!?), with TH logo and everything. There's even what seems to be a "recyclable" logo on the door. Shows that you never know where you are going to meet TH fans...

Another photo of the post-apocalyptic machine in action can be found below.

TreeHgger Mercedes Unimog Truck photo

More Information
Pics were sent to us by Jacob Warman. He took them at the Northwest Mog Fest, "a gathering of Mercedes Unimog truck enthusiasts." Thanks Jacob!

You can see high-resolution verisons here and here. You can find out more about Unimogs at Wikipedia.

Update: Apprently, this vehicle isn't a Unimog (Mogfest is a big tent), it's a Hägglunds Bandvagn. Thanks to commenter TrollPatrol for the tip.

Are You Reading This?
If the owner of this Unimog Bandvagn is reading this, could you tell us more in the comments. We'd love the backstory on that one. Thanks.

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